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To celebrate the beautiful cherry blossoms everywhere in the DC area, here’s Wonder Woman enjoying the season as well. One of my favorite images of Diana.

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Who needs the Batcomputer? You’re a walking library!”

In the fantastic issue #30 of Batman ‘66, the story starts with Bruce in the hospital, barely conscious. Barbara walks in, figures out what’s wrong, heads to the library, and correctly deduces who the culprit is. She quickly transforms into Batgirl, finds “Cleopatra” and defeats her, after taking down the woman’s goons and the same type of venomous snake that poisoned Bruce.

Robin arrives after doing what Batman would do in a similar situation- consulting the Batcomputer. Instead of annoyance at being outmatched, Robin is simply thankful and can say at the end that Batgirl’s skills were superior to his Batman-taught method…for saving Batman! In keeping with the show and Bronze age comics, the issue sets up an enjoyable dynamic for this version of the Bat-family where Batgirl is clearly Robin’s better and cannot be confused as a sidekick. 

Writer Jeff Parker also does an outstanding job making the focus of Barbara’s character her intelligence- both knowledge of facts and quick thinking in action- rather than having her succeed by unrealistic combat skills or mere luck. Batman ‘66 is delightful fun as always, and this issue left me cheering for the best portrayal of Babs published in quite some time. 

(Panels are pages 7, 9, 21, and 22.)

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Excellent piece by Mikel Janin.


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The iconic superheroines by Darwyn Cooke. 


Batman & Batgirl by Ardian Syaf

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A perfect sketch of Babs and Kara by Phil Noto.


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Bat-family by Paul Smith

Bat-family by Paul Smith