Young Justice Girls, Stealing the Show

While most of the episode was focused on the two Roy Harpers and Lex Luthor being the show’s best villain, there was a great subplot with the ladies. 

For the fans who begged for a scene with the characters in civilian clothes, we have the girls meeting up for Raquel’s bridal shower. They are all mourning the “death” of Artemis, toasting towards her empty chair. (Think everyone is going to be mad at Nightwing when the truth comes out?) YJ again easily passes the Bechdel test. 


That’s Babs second on the left, sans any sort of disguise. So at some point, she revealed herself to the rest of the girls. I like the idea of sisterhood secrets. 

But, of course, this will not be an average party. When Captain Cold attempts to rob a bank across the street, our ladies prove themselves to be quick change artists. 


Captain Cold’s response to this awesome display of girl power: “I’m doomed, aren’t I?” 

At this point, I was balancing my morning coffee in one hand, so I couldn’t actually give this moment the applause it deserved. I loved how the episode took the stereotypical female event of a bridal shower and turned it into an opportunity to show how badass these women are. 


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    I never thought of how well this show does with the Bechdel Test. Huh. I like it even more now.
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    Bab’s ID is openly revealed to the entire team, as seen in ‘Depths’.
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